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Summer Staff Volunteering Opportunities

"I strongly believe God is in Camp Winchester and God is for Camp Winchester so I can confidently say, God has GREAT things in store for Camp Winchester this summer 2015. I am SO excited to be a part of those “great things” and I hope you are too!"  ~ Abby Seale

Click HERE for Volunteer Staff Application

Click HERE for Volunteer RETURNING Staff Application

Click HERE for Volunteer Staff Medical & Release Form

Click HERE for Volunteer Staff Reference Forms (you will need 3)


ALL STAFF are required to attend a whole day of staff training. No exceptions.

Write them down on your calendar now. That way there are NO excuses when the time comes.

There are two dates; this is to give you an option on which one you will make it to.

Staff Training Dates:  JUNE 1st & JUNE 6th (more details on times and such  when we start getting closer.)


(feel free to call or text any of us with questions.)

Program Director: Abby Seale 630-346-5343

Head Wrangler: Elisabeth Davis 512-517-9892

Camp Director: Byron Seale 512-581-1446

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