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Camp Winchester Bible Institute's scheduling is designed to meet your scheduling needs. 

A class will be taught for a minimum of four students.


With four students,

give us a call

and set a time with us!


If you dont know three others,

give us a call,

there could be others that are waiting

to get the required four.



A semester consists of

2 classes, 1 credit each

to be accomplished in

12 weeks / 1 day a week


Each class will be approximately 1.5 hours

with a break between the two.


At least 4 students are needed to make a class.


Give us a call

 Set up a time



The First Semester:

Old Testament Survey I

Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity

Other Optional Classes

New Testament Greek 1

Piano lessons


In order to receive the Foundation Church Ministries Certificate,

one must complete the 4 Evangelical Training Association (ETA) courses:

1.Old Testament Survey 1

2.Old Testament Survey 2

3.Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity

4.Understanding People


To earn credit for an ETA course:

    1. Each student must purchase and read the course textbook

    2. Each student must attend at least 10 class hours for each course    

3. Each student must complete a test or project at the course's conclusion.


ETA credit is transferable to any other church, institute, or school using the program and is internationally recognized. 


Byron Seale    

B.S. Christianity Houston Baptist University

M.A. Biblical Studies Dallas Theological Seminary

M.A. Christian Education Dallas Theological Seminary

Teaching Certificate  Evangelical Teaching Association


Candy Seale  

B.A. Christian Education  Wheaton College

M.A. Education  University of Houston

Teaching Certicate Evangelicalm Teaching Association

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