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Elisabeth Seale Davis

Head Wrangler and Horse Trainer

Elisabeth Seale Davis has been working with people and horses all of her life. 

She is a CHA certified riding instructor for levels 1 & 2 Western & level 1 English.  But her knowledge and skills go beyond the books.  Having grown up in the camping ministry, she has lived with her family, at many Christian Camps all over Texas.  In 1995, Elisabeth, her dad & 2 siblings worked at Camp Tejas, the Christian Retreat Center in Giddings, TX with a horse program... providing trail rides, lessons, pony rides & playdays for the Tejas guests.  In 2000, a move to a different camp forced the Seales to sell most all of the horses and equipment.  But Elisabeth's love has always been with her horses, and now, back on the old Seale homeplace,  Camp Winchester is a work in progress and the horse program is now built back up to what it used to be.  Elisabeth is an  knowledgeable rider and capable trainer, training some of her own younger horses and finishing out others as well as those of her students.  She is a favorite among her students, patient with the younger students, letting them go slow until they are confident; and can give more able students enough to keep them learning and becoming better riders every time.

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